Terms and Conditions

All our products are made from natural, solid wood (not any engineered wood/machine made / fibreboard). We always use the best quality wood, nicely treated & seasoned to minimize the possibility of any cracking/damage. Still, there are minor chances of some moisture deep inside which may result in small cracks / slight bend after some time. In any such conditions, we will provide the best support possible. Below are our general terms & conditions, as per our policy.

1.    All our products are warranted against any technical or manufacturing defect for up to 6 months after supply. This also includes any damage during the shipment, or if any part is found broken.

2.    For any damage/defect, the item/part will be replaced OR repaired depending on the part & nature of the defect. If the damage is on a small detachable part of a product, we provide the replacement of the part. If the damage is on a portion of a big part which can’t be detached (for example, a corner of a big swing panel/sofa frame is chipped off), it has to be repaired locally by the customer, we can provide assistance. In case if the damage needs repair by a professional, we reimburse the cost up to a reasonable amount only after our approval of the cost.

The most common damages are scratches, chip off and hairline cracks. These kind of damages don't affect the strength and functionality of the item and can easily be resolved by simple touch up / wood filling. We provide complete assistance to resolve such issues.

3.    Due to the nature of our products, source and the type of services involved, our products are non-returnable once shipped OR picked up.

4.    Since all our products are handcrafted; there are chances of minor variations in the design, carving, artwork pattern & alignments. This is not considered as any damage or poor quality. Most of the misalignment & balancing issues are resolved by manual adjustments.

5.    The fabric design & shade keeps changing in the market, hence there are possibilities of minor variation in the cushion fabric. However we are trying our best to keep the shade same as shown on the website.

6.    There are chances of scratches and chip offs on some parts due to poor handling by the carriers, long distance shipments, or even poor handling of our team. We are trying our best in packaging and handling; however there could be a small possibility. Such scratches & chip offs can be easily resolved by wood fillers and touch-ups and will be done by customers.

7.    There are chances of cracks seen on any natural solid wood item. When the internal moisture dries, it shows up in form of cracks / bends. Most of these cracks do not affect the strength & functionality of the part and can easily be repaired by wood fillers and touch-ups available locally at any Home Depot / WalMart. However if the cracks are big and through the entire width, this may need some repair (if the part is big). Some of such damages can be easily be repaired by the customer with our expert guidance, or may need the help of a professional person. In such case we provide a compensation amount to a reasonable limit.

8.    In cases where some damage needs to be resolved by local repair, but the customer doesn’t agree / wants a replacement, we may consider it depending on the part and the type of damage. However the shipping charge for the replacement (both ways) has to be paid by the customer, including custom charges if applicable.

9.    For custom orders, once the order is confirmed and the advance is paid, the amount is not refundable and the order can't be cancelled. However, if needed, we can try to find another option if possible.

10.  For custom order items, it may take 3 – 6 months for delivery depending on the next shipment. Normally, all our shipments are on time as per schedule; however there could be a delay due to natural causes, delay by the carriers, customs or some issues at our manufacturing facility. There is no refund / reimbursement due to such delays.

11.  If any small part like hardware is missing, we keep a stock of most items Delivery of such parts may take approximately 4-10 business days depending on location. However, if we don't have any part in stock, we need to ship it from our office in India which may take 1 - 2 weeks for delivery. For replacement of bigger parts or if the part is not in stock, it may take some time to replace until the next shipment arrives.

12.  For all our local shipments within North America, we use FedEx & UPS as our carriers. There could be delays in the delivery by these carriers, either due to their management or customs clearance. Art Asia is not responsible for such delays in delivery and will not provide any compensation for the delays. 

All our artistic products are the result of great hard work of the artists and their talent. We respect their talent & art and value their products. It is not appropriate to throw away these products just for some damage/defects. We provide full support to resolve such an issue. Thanks to all our customers for their understanding and support.