Where is Art Asia Imports located? Is there any shop / showroom OR display at warehouse?

Art Asia Imports is a Canadian company with its warehouse based in Buffalo, NY in USA. We don't sell through any shop / showroom and there is no any display anywhere in US / Canada. We supply all over the USA & Canada directly from our warehouse.

Does Art Asia Imports deliver in any part of US / Canada? How the order is shipped and how much time it take for delivery?

Art Asia provide door delivery to any part of US & Canada. All the orders are shipped through UPS / FedEx. Normally, we ship in 1 to 2 weeks after the order confirmation. It may then take 3-10 days for delivery, depending on the location. 

How can we trust Art Asia to order online?

  • Art Asia Imports is established in 2005 and has been supplying all over the USA & Canada since then.
  • Art Asia Imports can be found in TV ads, newspapers, magazines and can also be found at the top of Google search rankings. You may talk to us at 905-963-1294 if you have any doubts / questions.
  • We have our customers mostly in all towns and cities in US / Canada.
  • Our testimonial page shows the remarks from many of our valued clients. These remarks are true and posted in their own words without any exageration. You may contact our customers for references if needed.

Why should we consider buying from Art Asia instead of buying directly from India?

There are few points to be considered before making this decision.

  • Art Asia is a local company based in US / Canada and hence can provide delivery and after-sales services instantly.
  • Art Asia has a warehouse based in Buffalo, NY and keep huge stock of all the items shown on the website. Hence the delivery can be made immediately after the order is placed unless the item is sold out.
  • For most of our products, there is no need to make an advance payment and wait months for delivery, and do follow ups.
  • Customers receive exactly what they have ordered with no surprises.
  • There is no need to pay anything extra for customs & duty and even no need to take any such hassles.
  • There are many hidden shipping charges when order is delivered directly from India. Art Asia Imports, there is no any additional charges, you just pay what you see online.
  • Art Asia gives a warranty for any defective, damaged, or wrong parts, and resolves / replaces without any additional cost. We always stand behind our products, whether it's in warranty or not, and provide the best assistance whenever needed.
  • Quality standards - Being based in North America, we know the value of this term and exactly what it means.

Do you have any sales, promotions, or discounts at anytime?

Since we are supplier and supply directly from our warehouse, our prices are already at warehouse rate, almost close to wholesale prices. We work with minimum margins and hence there is not any room for further discounts. Hence, we never go for any sales or promotions. Sometimes, we offer discounts on some items if it is to be cleared off / discontinued.

What are the payment options?

Payment can be made by credit card while placing the order online. There is no option of cheque / cash in person.

Are there any customs duty & taxes to be paid extra?

There is no duty in addition to the price & shipping for delivery anywhere in US / Canada. Neither customers have to get involved in any customs hassles.

There is no any taxe for delivery anywhere in USA. However there will be GST / HST for delivery in Canada as per the rate in the province.

Can anyone come to the warehouse to pick up goods and pay in person?

There is no option to pick up the order from the warehouse. However in some circumstances, we can arrange pick up from our Buffalo warehouse but you need place the order online and make the full payment. You will need need to confirm with us in advance to set up the date and time. We will provide you with an address and directions.

What if an item is sold out?

Item detail page will shows the availability status of any item. If any item is sold out it informs about the time of availability and gives the option to reserve it. There is also the option to put your email address in the box so that you will receive a notification email when the item arrives. 

To reserve any item, it needs to place the order online with 25% advance payment. Balance amount can be paid at the time of delivery. 

Since all our items are hand made it takes huge time to build them. Hence we get limited quantity in each cargo. If you are sure to buy an item and don't want to miss it, we advise to reserve it.

Does Art Asia Imports arrange deliveries in other parts of world?

Yes, with our manufacturing & export setup located in Gujarat& Rajasthan in India, we supply all over world. However there may be certain conditions regarding the minimum order value. Plus, our shipping charges / options might be different. You need to contact us with the details of the items you are interested to order.

What are the types of wood used, its reaction in North American weather, and is there any warranty on the wood?

All of our our furniture & swing products are primarily made from TEAK / Sheesham wood, from India. Some decorative items are made in Mango / Neem of Rajasthan, India. Indian TEAK / Sheesham is well renowned for its strength & durability. Because of the presence of natural oil in it, they are highly resistant to moisture, termites & other insects, and can resist extreme weather conditions. However all our products are for indoor use only and are well suitable to the indoor weather of US / Canada. Since these are all natural solid wood (non-engineered or machine made) they have tendency to contract / expand as they dry, which sometimes might result in slight bending or even hairline cracks. These kind of hairline cracks don’t effect the strength of the item and neither its functionality. Such cracks can easily be filled up by wood filler and with touch ups.

Is there any warranty / return policy? What to do if there is any damage / breakage in the item?

All of our products are fully warranted against any manufacturing & technical defects up to 6 months. However we provide full support to customers if there is any issue even after the warranty period.

Due to the nature of our products, there is no return policy once the item is shipped / picked up.
In the event of any defect OR damage (even during transit), it is our responsibility to resolve the issue. Depending on the item, its damaged part and type of damage, we provide replacement / repair assistance. If the damaged part is small and detachable, we can provide replacement. If the part is big and / or non detachable we provide full assistance how to repair / resolve the issue. For certain damage if needs professional repair, we reimburse the repair charges, up to a reasonable amount only after our approval of the cost.

If any part needs to be replaced, it may take few weeks / months if not in stock.

The most common damages are scratches, chip off and hairline cracks. These kind of damages don't affect the strength and functionality of the item and can easily be resolved by simple touch up / wood filling.

Hairline cracks are common on any natural wood item. Even on any nicely treated & seasoned wood item, the crack may develop due to the moisture content inside, especially in the thicker parts. These cracks can easily be filled up with wood filler and touched up.

In the event of any dispute, if the customer wants to return or get replacement of the item and if we agree, customer has to repack the item in the same packing wrap and box and ship on his cost. Replacement / refund can be issued only after we receive the item in safe condition and after we access the damage and agree to do so.

For full details about our policy, please refer to our terms & conditions