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One of the largest container ships in the world has been partially refloated after it ran aground in the Suez canal, causing a huge jam of vessels at either end of the vital international trade artery. Please refer to the below link for the current situation at Suez Canal which blocked by the container ship. The incident continues to create long tailbacks on the waterway, stopping vessels from passing and causing delays.


The arrival of our shipment is already delayed due to huge congestion at NY port and this vessel jam at Suez canal may further delay by at least 15-20 days. Our shipment was expected to arrive by May end now may arrive by mid-June.


Our Mission

Art Asia is our mission to help hard working and talented artists to develop their art and promote it around the world. At the same time, we are proud to serve the people of North America & many other parts of the world by providing them with the incredible Arts & Crafts of India, showcasing its rich heritage & culture. We are thankful to all our clients for their support giving reference to friends, relatives & neighbors and help this mission.

- Naren Acharya

Our Happy Customers

Sarat Varanasi

Sarat Varanasi,AVON, CT USA (Jan 2021)

Navin Ji - we had assembled the set this Tuesday but took time to arrange it properly. We are really happy with the set. Photo attached. Now, we wa...

Mr Vishwanathan

Mr Vishwanathan,Redmond WA USA (Aug 2020)

Dear Mr. Acharya Thank you. We finally received the delivery this morning and the Jhoola was assembled earlier. Here is a picture for your refer...

Vijay Giridhar

Vijay Giridhar,Texas USA

Dear Naren, We loved the furniture! Very high quality, solid wood, great packaging and delivery! Very easy to assemble too. Here are some pictur...

Our Incredible Artists


Sawai, (Rajasthan, India)

We feel proud working with Art Asia Imports, which is well-known for Indian swings and carvings, and proud that our art is being promoted in USA, Canada, and in many other countries.


Anil, (Gujarat, India)

Our life standard has improved a lot. We are very much satisfied working with Art Asia, and are committed to satisfy our customers.


Jignesh, (Gujarat, India)

Art Asia is our family and we all work together to enhance our quality, develop new products, and promote our work in the world