• Sankheda Furniture

The name Sankheda comes from a small town in Gujarat state of India which is world renowned for its classic artistic furniturepopular as SANKHEDA FURNITURE. This colourful traditional furniture is made from solid TEAK wood. The unique varieties of Sankheda furniture have occupied almost all the corners of the house and also used in many events such as weddings, celebrations in theatres. Art Asia Imports feels proud to be the biggest supplier of Sankheda furniture in USA, Canada and many other countries. 

  • Carving Furniture

Rajasthan known as “The Land of Kings” located in India is world renowned for its colourful tradition, culture, art and handcraft. Reflecting its colourful culture, its ethnic furniture comprises of Indian wood carvings, carved furniture, mirror worked embroidery, marble carving statues and decorative. Art Asia Imports is proud to promote and bring Indian carvings in to USA & Canada in form of Traditional furniture, Indian Decorative, Carved furniture & beautiful wooden swings (jhoola).

  • Swings (Indoor & Outdoor)

At Art Asia Imports, renowned for beautiful swings, are our main trademark. Indian swing, also known as ‘Jhoola’ is the culture, the tradition and the beauty of the house most South Asian would love to decor with. Gujarat, the western state of India, known for swing in every house enjoys its tradition to enhance the beauty of the house along with relaxing and enjoy. We have many varieties of swings and continue to develop new designs to suit western homes. Our collection include wooden carving swings, Sankheda swings, metal coated swings and antique varieties.

  • Temples, Statues & Decoratives

A temple, also known as Mandir, Mandira, Devasthana, Devalaya is a structure or place for religious or spiritual activities of prayer & sacrifice. As per the Hindu tradition, most people keep a small temple and statues of Gods in their home and do worship and daily prayers. Below products include many varieties of temples, statues and beautiful handmade traditional decorative articles like Jharokha (wall piece made in wood), carving stools, brass embossed tables & screen partitions.