About Art Asia Imports

Art Asia Imports is a family of artists, manufacturers, and promoters, working together to get the best values of the artwork, including beautifully crafted wooden furniture, swings & decoratives. More than a business, Art Asia Imports is a mission,

  • To help hard-working, talented artists to develop and promote their art in the world.
  • To serve the people in North America by bringing Indian culture & tradition into their homes, which many families have missed for years.


In Brief

Art Asia Imports is a warehouse company based in Buffalo NY (office in Toronto Canada), supplying our products all over the USA & Canada. We provide instant delivery directly from our warehouse to the doorstep in any part of the USA & Canada. We don't operate from any shop/showroom and hence we can keep our prices very low and reasonable almost at wholesale rate.

The company was started in 2005 with the mission outlined above. Today we are proud to say that we have been highly successful in our mission and very popular for our products and services. We have our customers almost in every city/town of the USA and Canada.

“I would like to say thank you to all of our customers for their interest in our products and support. At the same time, I would like to give credit to our team of manufacturers and artists for serving us with their incredible quality work”

- Naren Acharya -

Our Products include handpainted items popular as Sankheda furniture, carving furniture, swings and many decor items. Most of the work on the products is done by hand by highly talented artists. We have tried to bring out their talent by showing their art in the world.

Sankheda Furniture

The name Sankheda comes from a small town in the state of Gujarat, India, which is world-renowned for its classic colorful lacquered furniture. This colorful traditional furniture is made from solid TEAK wood, seasoned & treated for long life. The whole process of manufacturing, right from the raw wood to the finished product is done by hand. Traditionally, the unique varieties of Sankheda furniture have occupied almost all corners of the house, including the living room, family room, dining area & bedroom. Today Sankheda furniture can be seen at many famous places & events throughout the world, such as wedding ceremonies, celebrations in theatres & auditoriums. Side picture shows the president of China Xi Jinping's visit to Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2014.

Art Asia Imports feels proud to be the biggest developer & promoter of Sankheda furniture in the USA & Canada. Apart from serving in North America, we have also exported to many other countries. A big thank you to our whole team, all the customers, and referrals for this wonderful success.

Elegant Carvings from India

Rajasthan, known as “the land of kings,” is the largest state of India. It is world-renowned for its colorful tradition, culture, art, and handicrafts. Reflecting its colorful culture, its ethnic furniture comprises of Indian wood carvings, carved furniture, mirror worked embroidery, marble carving statues, and other decoratives, all worked by hand.

Wooden Swings

Indian swings, also known as ‘Jhoola,’ are more than just a symbol of leisure, comfort, and get relaxed. It represents South Asian culture, tradition, and beauty in the house. This is particularly true in Gujarat, the western state of India, which is known for having a swing in every house. Apart from at home, swings are also used at weddings, temples, and many other places.

At Art Asia Imports, swings are our main trademark. We have developed many designs and varieties of wooden swings to suit all types of homes. Our collection includes wooden carving swings, Sankheda swings, metal swings, and antique varieties. All our Jhoolas are made of solid wood, either in Teak.

Our Incredible Artists

Art Asia is happy as its artists are happy. We feel proud of them, their hard work, their talent, and commitment. In their words, here is some of what they have to say:

Jignesh & Anil, Gujarat, India

"Art Asia Imports is our family and we are working together for the last 14 years to develop its products in the best possible way. Sankheda furniture is very popular for its artistic painting work. Our swings, dining & living room furniture is famous all over India and many outside countries.  We are involved in this business since our grandparents and hence, now are fully expert in this. There is a great development in our products since working with Art Asia Imports. Art Asia Imports has made our products and art more popular and promote in the world. We feel proud to be part of this company. Our Sankheda products are sold in many countries mainly in the USA, Canada. We and our team are getting full rewards for our work which helped to raise our living standards. We will continue to provide the best quality and satisfaction to our customers, this is our commitment."

Sawai, Rajasthan, India

"Rajasthan, the Land of Kings, is famous in the whole world for its tradition, art, and craftsmanship. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Barmer, all have their own craftsmanship. Myself, Sawai, from Jodhpur Rajasthan, am working on the wood carvings for many years. About 12 years before, I received the opportunity to work with Art Asia Imports and today we are proud to say that Art Asia is our company. Our products are now famous in the US, Canada and many other countries in the world. We have learned a lot after working with Art Asia and our carving swings (Jhoola) are now very famous. All our artists are very happy as they are rewarded with the best value for their art. We try to provide the best quality with no compromise. We will still work hard and develop new products for our customers."

Art Asia Imports is our sincere effort to promote and bring Rajasthani art into the USA & Canada in the form of Indian Traditional furniture, Indian decoratives, wood carvings, carved furniture & beautiful swings. We are proud to share that we are continuously developing many new products and enhancing the talent of our artists.