RC Royal Bed Set, Fine Carved Model-A

Includes bed and 2 side chests

This can be made in king & queen bed size. The bed set includes a bed & 2 side chests. The other items (chairs, lamps, and wall pieces) are shown to project the view when combined with this product. However can be made on custom requirement.

An exclusive set of art & carvings, this bed set is a true demonstration of Rajasthan Art and hand carvings. The traditional work with a modern look brings a royal look into the home.

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USD $3,995.00

Shipping : USD $447.04(Add 20% if ship to the state in CA, VA, BC, NC, KG, MN, PG, Wa,...)


It is manufactured on a confirmed order basis. Delivery may take 3 – 6 months depending on the arrival of the next cargo. Currently, our next cargo is expected in September / October 2021. The order needs to be confirmed by end of 15th April 2021 to include in this cargo. To confirm the order 40% advance payment is required. For changes needed in this item, there will be a price difference depending on the changes. Please contact us for more information.

  • Queen for mattress 60" x 80"
  • King for mattress 76" x 80"


Includes: Bed frame and 2 side table chests

Size: Queen size - 64" x 87" King size - 80" x 87, Header approx 4' from ground, Footer - approx 2.5'

THIS IS CUSTOM ORDER ITEM. DELIVERY MAY TAKE 3 - 6 MONTHS: Please contact us at 9059631294

Type of Wood: TEAK

Special Note: Includes only bed & 2 side tables. Doesn't include mattress, chairs, wall décor mirror frame & lamps

Availability Note: This is custom order item, made & imported only on confirmed order. Please call us for details.

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