Indoor Swings for Living Room

3 Indoor Swings for Living Room Ideas

Indoor swings, often called Jhoola / Jhula, is the first thing to come to mind when we plan to bring a piece of India in our homes in the USA and Canada. Combined with other traditional furniture, it adds a royal aesthetic to the home along with a relaxed seating space. There are many indoor swings for living room available, explored below in this article.

1. Sankheda Swing – A Symbol of Tradition and Elegance

The Sankheda swing, named after the town of Sankheda in Gujarat, India, embodies a unique charisma that will reinvent your home. Sankheda swings give the perfect traditional look while having many color combinations to match the theme of your house.

a black and gold Sankheda Swing Classic in a living room.

The sankheda furniture and swings sets, are made in pure TEAK wood with detailed artwork painted on the wooden surface. Sankheda swings are suitable in living room, family room, sunroom, and any other indoor place. 

2. Carving Swings – Showcasing the Unique Craftsmanship and Skill of India

Rajasthan, a hub of handmade art, is very well known for intricately carved products which includes different types of furniture, varieties of swings, and decorative items.

Carvings on TEAK wood, whether simple flowery pattern or very intricate designs including animal figures, are very eye catching to any guest visiting your home.

Varieties include ceiling swings, stand-alone swings, and also roof topped (with canopy) can be available as 3, 4, or 5 seat models.

3. Ceiling Swings – A Perfect Addition for a Chic and Cozy Home

When you have limited space and you don’t want to put much weight on the floor, ceiling swings are the best choice. These are cost effective and still give a relaxed place to sit; ceiling swings offer many benefits.

ceiling swing

Varieties of ceiling swings include plain swings with no arms and back rest, with arms and back rest, and flippable back. Flippable models give you an option to flip the back which allows you to sit in two directions. Ceiling swings are the best option to put in the sunroom or sheltered outdoors.

Ceiling Swing vs Stand-Alone (with frame)

Both the models have their own benefits, below are a few common points:

  • Ceiling swings take up less space but have a large swing arc. The swings need to be hung in the center of room (not on one side of room) while stand alone swings can be placed on the side of room.
  • Once hung, ceiling swings can’t be moved. Stand-alone swings can be moved anywhere inside the house. Since ceiling swings are hung from the ceiling, it should be mounted to a strong beam to hang that can take the weight of 3-4 people.
  • Homes in USA and Canada are not made in concrete and hence a professional renovator is needed to make the proper arrangement. A stand-alone swing doesn’t need any renovation work.
  • The ceiling mounted swings are less costly than stand-alone models. Ceiling swings are normally 3-seater and can be made for 4 or 5 people. Stand-alone swings are normally 2-seaters, however, can be made for 3 or 4 people maximum.
  • Ceiling swings can allow you to flip the seat so the direction of seat can be changed whenever required. It is not easy to move the stand-alone swing and hence changing the direction of sitting is tough.

How to Select the Right Swing for Your Home?

There are 3 main types of swings in our collection: Sankheda swings, carving swings and metal foiled swings. While all of these are made from solid TEAK wood, customers have different criteria to choose from. Since the metal foiled swings are special occasion swings and rarely used for the home, we will discuss only Sankheda and carving swings.

The main difference between Sankheda swings & carving swings; Sankheda swings are painted while carved swings are hand carved and polished.

  • Sankheda swings are painted in 8 to 10 different colors. They give the option of choosing a color to match with the home’s wall, floor, and curtains. Carving swings are polished instead of painted and are normally available in brown (light or dark). Though the shade can be modified.
  • Sankheda classic swings are less costly than carving models. Even though the life of all swings is quite long, carving swings are stronger.
  • Carving swings are quite heavy compared to Sankheda models.
    For Sankheda swings needs to be color-coordinated with other nearby furniture. Carving swings are easy to combine with other polished furniture.
  • Carving swings are available in many designs and can further be customized per customer’s choice. For (i.e. make changes in the carvings). Sankheda swings are available in 2 to 3 patterns.

It all about choosing the right indoor swings for living room which reflects your personality and resonates with your home décor. So why wait?

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