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Why is Teak a Great Wood for Furniture?

When compared to other types of wood, teak wood is more expensive. However, it is also one of the few kinds of wood that has a very long lifespan. In-fact, teak wood furniture can endure up to 70 years with proper maintenance.

Similar to mango wood, teak is a tropical hardwood that is mostly found in South and South-East Asia. Some nations where teak is grown include Northern Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. Two varieties of teak wood are there in the respective Indian regions: Central province teak and Nagpur teak.

Reasons to choose TEAK wood furniture

Due to its many attractive characteristics, teak is usually a fantastic material choice for furniture.  But how to identify furniture is made with teak wood? Its extraordinary durability is one of its distinguishing qualities.

Teak is extremely resistant to dampness, rot, and insects because it has natural oils and rubber. Teak furniture’s inherent toughness enables it to withstand the elements and endure the test of time.

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Here are some reasons to purchase Art Asia Imports & Exports teak wood furniture:

  1. Stylish look:

Teak wood furniture has an aesthetic charm unlike anything else. Because of its precise and symmetrical grain pattern, teak wood is regarded as one of the most attractive timbers.

It also boasts of its ability to age nicely and its natural golden-brown tones. Teak wood is wonderful to the touch and stands out among many other wood substitutes in appearance.

  1. Versatility:

teak wooden furnitureTeak wood furniture is versatile. It looks excellent in its natural condition. You may also use paint, polish, or varnish to customize it to your taste. Teak wood is a highly adaptable alternative because it can be used to create a variety of furniture items, including dining tables, chairs, bed frames, bench seats, and more.

  1. Outdoor friendly:

This wood makes wonderful outdoor furniture for your patio, porch, or garden since it is water-resistant. Patio furniture will cost more than similar pieces manufactured from other types of wood, but it has incomparable advantages.

Due to the natural oils found in timber, which stop water from penetrating the wood and make it disease resistant, your patio furniture will always be protected from the elements, including wind, heat, cold, and rain.

  1. Weather-resistant:

Teak wood is a valuable option for furniture building due to its resistance to harsh heat and cold. Teak wood furniture eliminates the need to alter your decor in response to the seasons. You can keep your Teak furniture and decorate the remainder of the area even if you intend to redesign it in a few years.

Because of this beneficial characteristic, teak is also used to produce kitchen equipment including chopping boards, counter tops, bowls, and spoons. So how long does teak furniture last? More than 5 decades, nothing can harm it.

  1. Maintenance:

Most of the time, cleaning teak furniture just involves wiping it down with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust and debris that may have amassed on the surface. You shouldn’t be concerned about leaving your teak wood furniture, such as your outdoor table and chairs, out in the open.

Teak wooden furniture that is kept outside and exposed to the elements gradually takes on a silvery-gray appearance. Don’t worry if that happens to your favorite chair. You only need to get it polished to give it back its natural appearance.

  1. Protection from Pests:

Any item of outdoor furniture that you buy should be durable. Teak not only withstands the elements effectively, but it also has great resistance to rotting, termite damage, and acid damage. Unwanted insects and moisture are thrown away by the plentiful natural oils, protecting the timber’s structural integrity.

  1. Reclaimed:

Teak is typically accessible as reclaimed wood because of its exceptional qualities. They enable it to persist for a very long period and withstand the impacts of weather and time. Reclaimed wood is green, distinctive, and environmentally friendly. And how to identify whether teak wood is reclaimed?

Its beauty is unparalleled, and it is always in style. You will undoubtedly stand out and receive many praises if you utilize recycled teak wood furniture in your café, restaurant, bar, or flat.


Among many woods, Teak is one of the best materials for furniture. From aesthetic appeal to reliability, it offers everything. But is teak wood expensive? While some may say that it’s a little over the budget, teak is worth the investment. Teak also offers other benefits and is more durable than other woods. Therefore, it makes sense to use teak wood for your furniture.