Art Asia Imports is a Canadian company with its warehouse based in Buffalo, NY in the USA. There is no shop / showroom or display. Orders are supplied all over the USA & Canada directly from our Buffalo warehouse.

Art Asia provides door delivery, anywhere in the USA and Canada. All orders are shipped through shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and XPO. Normally, products are shipped in 2-10 working days after the order confirmation. Once shipped, it may then take 3-10 days for delivery, depending on the location.

  • Art Asia was established in 2005 and has been supplying all over the USA and Canada since then.
  • Art Asia can be found in TV ads, newspapers, magazines, and can also be found at the top listings of Google search page.
  • We have customers all over towns/cities in the US and Canada. Our testimonial page shows comments from many of our valued clients, posted in their own words. We can provide a reference to some customers if needed.
  • You may call us at 905-963-1294 or email at to get quick responses for any of your queries.

There are a few points to be considered before making this decision:

  • Art Asia is a local company based in the US / Canada and hence can provide instant delivery and after-sales services.
  • Art Asia Imports has a warehouse based in Buffalo, NY and keeps a huge stock of the items shown on our website. Hence the delivery can be made immediately after the order is placed unless the item is sold out.
  • There is no need to make advanced payments and then wait months for delivery with the need to do constant follow-ups.
  • Being based in North America, we are aware of the quality standards expected from consumers here. We use high-quality materials in our products and follow all rules and regulations specified by the government. For example, the USA and many European countries banned the use of plywood which doesn’t meet standards set for the emission of formaldehyde and is not certified by TSCA. We use this certified plywood, even if it is very costly, since it is imported into India from Finland / Russia because it is not manufactured there.
  • Customers receive exactly what they have ordered with no surprises.
  • There are many hidden shipping charges when an order is delivered directly from India. With Art Asia, there are no additional charges: you just pay what you see online.
  • There is no need for hassles and extra payments for customs and duty. Most suppliers in India are not aware of North American charges for custom clearance and transportation from the seaport to home, which contributes 60% of the total shipping cost.
  • Art Asia Imports gives a warranty for any defective, damaged, or wrong parts, and resolves/replaces without any additional cost. We stand behind our products and provide the best assistance possible, whenever needed.
  • Last but most important, our customer service is highly appreciated by all our customers, and we are very proud of this.

Since we supply directly from our warehouse, our prices are already at the warehouse rate, almost close to wholesale prices. We work with low margins and hence there is no room for further discounts than the prices on our website. Hence, we never issue any sales or promotions. Sometimes, we offer discounts on items if they are to be cleared due to high inventory.

Payments can be made by any credit or debit card, or through PayPal while placing the order online. There is no option of cheque/cash in person.

Special Note: Most banks these days don’t charge any foreign transaction fees. However few banks in the USA (i.e. Bank of America) collect this charge. Clients are advised to check with their bank before choosing which card to use.

There is no customs duty and brokerage to be paid by customers in the USA & Canada. Customers do not have to get involved in any customs hassles.

There is no tax for delivery in the USA except for New York. Taxes in New York are per county rates. There is GST / HST charges for delivery in Canada as per the provincial rates. Plus there may be service fee for delivery in Canada. Please contact us for detail.

There is no option to pick up the order from the warehouse. However in some circumstances, we can make a special arrangement to pick up the order from our Buffalo warehouse, with an appointment. For this, the order first needs to be placed online with full payment. We will then refund the shipping amount.

If any item is sold out the product detail page shows Out Of Stock and won’t allow to add to cart. For availability there is a message which shows when the item will be available. There is a Notify Me tab, customers can enter their name & email address to get a notification once the item arrives.

Yes, we do make any wooden item which is not listed on our site. Customer need to give us the image and detail of the size and color. This comes in the customized item category which can take 3 to 6 months for delivery depending on the arrival of our next shipment from India. For any customized item, customer needs to make advance payment of 40% and balance payment can be done when the item is ready for delivery.

Some products we don’t keep in stock at our Buffalo warehouse. These products we make only after the order is confirmed. For such items delivery may take 3 – 6 months depending on nature of item and the time of arrival of our next container from India. There is 40% advance payment for such item to be paid while placing the order online. The balance payment can be paid when the order is ready for delivery. Such order needs to be placed certain weeks / months before our container is expected to leave from India. The custom order can’t be cancelled and advance payment is non-refundable.

If the customer needs the item soon and doesn’t want to wait till arrival of our next container, we can arrange direct shipment from our unit to his place in LTL shipment. The shipping charges of such shipment may be quite huge depending on the total items.

Yes. Our manufacturing & export setup in Gujarat & Rajasthan, India, allows us to supply all over the world. However, there may be certain conditions regarding the minimum order value. Shipping charges will also be different than shown on the website.

Even though full precautions are taken while manufacturing and packaging our products, there may be some issues which are normal to any wooden handicraft products. This includes scratches, paint chip off, wood chip off, hairline cracks. Such issues are to be taken care by customer at their place. We provide full assistance to resolve such issues.

  • Scratches, paint chip off (especially in Sankheda products), wood chip off, dents and hairline cracks are common and are not considered as damage. In fact, they don’t affect the strength & functionality of the product. These issues can easily be resolved by paint touch-ups and if needed by filling the cracks with wood filler. Paint touch up is mostly done by permanent markers available in most colors at any art shops like Michael. Wood fillers & brown stains are available at shops like Home Depot & Walmart. These are not costly, but we are ready to reimburse the charges.
  • Hairline cracks & gaps are common in any natural solid wood furniture even those made locally. Even the wood is properly treated and dried, there are always chances of moisture remaining inside. This moisture tries to come out as it dries which creates the cracks. These cracks/gaps don’t affect the strength/functionality of the item but still could affect the look especially if it is on the front. In such scenarios, wood filler with glue is used to fill up the gap then touched up with paint or stain. We are ready to reimburse the cost of these materials.
  • Sometimes, there can be issues of balancing mainly in the swings. These can happen either due to an uneven floor or legs. In most of this case, this issue gets resolved automatically on its own after using it for a couple of days. Sometimes putting a felt pad under the legs is useful if there is much variation.
  • Despite each item being fully assembled and tested before being packed, there is probability of a hole/groove misaligned. In most cases, a manual adjustment resolves the issue. If there is a big variation in the alignment and a handy person is needed, we are ready to reimburse the charges.
  • The fabric design pattern keeps changing in the market. Hence there is a possibility that the actual fabric is different than shown in the product picture. However, we are trying our best to maintain the shade of the fabric. Customers should contact us if any doubt about the fabric.

All of our products are fully warranted against any manufacturing & technical defects for up to 6 months. However, we provide full support to customers if there is an issue even after the warranty period.

The order can’t be cancelled once it is shipped.

Due to the nature of our products, there is no return policy for any damage / defect. However, it is our responsibility to resolve any such issue. Depending on the item, and the type of damage, we provide assistance on how the issues can be resolved. If the damaged part is small and detachable, we can provide replacement. If the part is big and / or non detachable we provide full assistance how to repair / resolve the issue. For certain damage, if needs professional repair, we reimburse the repair charges, up to a reasonable amount only after our approval of the cost.

If any detachable small part needs to be replaced and is not available with us, it may need to be shipped from India which may take a couple of weeks. For big parts, it may take more time as it needs to be made and bring here in our next shipment.

The most common damages are scratches, chip off and hairline cracks. These kinds of damages are very normal. They don’t affect the strength and functionality of the item and can easily be repaired by simple touch up / wood filling. Hairline cracks are common on any natural wood item. Even on any nicely treated & seasoned wood item, the crack may develop due to the moisture content inside, especially in the thicker parts. These cracks can easily be filled up with wood filler and touched up.

For touch-ups, we advise customers to use permanent markers available at any art shop like Michael. Wood filler are available at many local shops like Home Depot. We pay for these materials.

As mentioned earlier, our products are not refundable. However, in the event of any dispute and we have agreed to accept a return or get a replacement of the item, the customer has to repack the item in the same packing wrap and box properly and be responsible for any damage in transit. Replacement/refund can be issued only when we receive the item in a safe condition and then agree to do so. All the return shipping and re-shipping (if needed) charges are paid by the customer.

For full details about our policy, please refer to our terms & conditions.