Terms & Conditions, Warranty & Return Policy

Welcome to Art Asia Imports! We are the renowned Online Indian Furniture Store (Indian Furniture Importers) celebrating the exceptional handcrafted artistry of talented Indian artists. Our mission is to share their creations with the world, allowing the buyers to appreciate and enjoy their unique products. Unlike mass-produced items, our products are meticulously crafted in small manufacturing sites across Indian villages, ensuring direct benefits to the artists and buyers by offering reasonable prices.

Each wooden piece is handcrafted, leading to variations in designs and finishes. These products, created with hours of hard work and talent, deserve appreciation rather than being discarded if there’s any concern about defects or damage.

We appreciate our clients for understanding the value of such art and supporting our mission. 

Here are our terms and conditions.

  1. Non-Returnable Nature:

Due to the unique nature of our products and the effort involved in bringing them to you, our products are non-returnable once shipped. However, if you receive the wrong item, we’ll replace it at no cost. If replacement is not currently available, we will get it from our unit in the next shipment.

  1. Warranty and Support

We offer a product warranty against defects or damage for up to six months after supply. We take full responsibility for manufacturing defects, damage in transit, missing parts, and issues developed during use (non-accidental damage). We provide guidance and assistance even after the warranty period, including small parts if needed.

  1. Replacement and Repair Process

For any damage or defect, we either replace or repair the item/part depending on the nature of the issue. Local minor damage / defects (like wood chip off, paint scratches, hairline cracks) are handled by the clients with our full support and assistance and we cover the cost of materials. External repairs if needed to be done by a professional are reimbursed up to a reasonable amount with our approval.

  1. Replacement of parts

Replacement of the part is done only if the damage is on the small size detachable part OR if is not repairable locally by the client or professional. Replacement of general parts like hardware can be shipped within a week, while specific part replacements may need to wait for the next shipment (2-6 months). Customers unwilling to wait can opt for individual shipping from India, covering all associated costs. There is no any cost to the customer for returning and shipping of replacement parts.

  1. Custom Orders

Custom orders are non-refundable once confirmed, and advanced payment is made. Delivery may take 3-6 months. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances are not eligible for reimbursement / refunds.

  1. Delivery Issues

We use carriers like FedEx, UPS, and XPO for local door deliveries in North America. The delivery of the orders may get delayed when the carriers are not fully operational especially during holidays. In rare cases of missing parts, we take responsibility and work with customers and carriers to resolve the issue.

  1. Common Handcrafted Issues

Common issues like scratches, paint chips, wood chip-off, dents, and hairline cracks are part of handcrafted items. Customers can easily resolve these issues with our guidance, and we are ready to cover associated costs of the material. In most cases such issues are resolved by wood fillers, glue and paint markers for touch ups.

We are here to help you and ensure your experience with Art Asia Imports is enjoyable and stress-free. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Below are some common issues with handcrafted items. These can be resolved very easily and can be handled by the customer. We provide full assistance to our customers.

  • Surface Imperfections

Scratches, paint chips (especially noticeable in Sankheda products), wood chips, dents, and hairline cracks are typical in handcrafted items. These are not considered damages and don’t impact the strength or functionality of the product. You can easily resolve these issues with paint touch-ups.

Permanent markers are available in various colours at art shops like Michael. Wood fillers & brown stains work well for this purpose. Wood fillers and brown stains, found at stores like Home Depot and Walmart, are also effective solutions. While these materials are affordable, we are more than willing to cover the charges.

  • Natural Wood Characteristics

Hairline cracks and gaps are common in natural solid wood furniture, even those produced locally. Despite proper treatment and drying, moisture may linger inside the wood, leading to these cracks.

Although these don’t affect the strength or functionality of the item, they might impact the appearance, especially if on the front. To address this, you can use wood fillers with glue to fill the gap, followed by a touch-up with paint or stain. We are prepared to reimburse the costs of these materials.

  • Balancing Issues

Swings may cause balance issues, often due to an uneven floor or legs. In most cases, these problems resolve on their own after a few days of use. Placing a felt pad under the legs can be helpful if there is significant variation.

  • Alignment Challenges

While every item is fully assembled and tested before packing, there is a very low probability of hole or groove misalignment. Most cases can be resolved with a manual adjustment. If a significant misalignment requires the assistance of a handy person, we are ready to reimburse the charges.

  • Fabric Design Variations

Fabric design patterns in the market may change, which could result in the actual fabric being slightly different from the product picture.

We aim to showcase the new fabric pattern alongside the item, usually with a note. We’re making every effort to maintain the shade of the fabric. If you have any doubts or concerns about the fabric, please feel free to contact us.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to assist you with any questions or issues.