Terms & Conditions, Warranty & Return Policy

Art Asia Imports is a mission rather than a business, an effort to give recognition to the hand artwork of talented artists of India and promote their products all over the world. Instead of getting the products from agents, we have chosen small manufacturing places in different villages of India so that the benefit goes directly to the artists and they get good value. This also keeps our product price to a minimum.

Unlike machined products which are made in large quantities, each part of our products is made individually and most of the work is done by hand. As a result, there are probabilities of variations in carving designs & finish. These high valued products are the result of many hours of hard work and talent and hence we should be given great respect instead of throwing them into the trash if there is any issue with defect/damage.

We are very thankful to our clients to understand the values of such artwork and support our mission. Our terms & conditions are as below.

  1. Due to the nature of our products – including where they are made and the work & services involved to get them to the customers – these products are non-returnable once shipped. However, if it is the wrong item, we provide the replacement without any cost to the client. If the replacement item is not available, we need to get it from our unit in India. This may take a few months depending on when our next shipment arrives. Some small items can be shipped directly through courier.
  2. Our products are warranted against any defect/damage up to 6 months after supply. It is our responsibility to resolve any of the issues which include manufacturing defects, damage in transit, missing parts, and any issue developed during use (non-accidental damage only). We support our clients by giving complete guidance if some issues come up after the warranty period and even arrange for some small parts if needed.
  3. For any damage/defect, the item/part will be replaced OR repaired depending on the part & nature of the defect. If the damage is on a small detachable part of an item, we provide the replacement of that part. If the damage is on a portion of a big part that can’t be detached (for example, a corner of a big swing panel/sofa frame is chipped off), we provide full assistance for local repair by the customer and pay the cost of material needed. In case the damage needs repair by an outside person/professional, we reimburse the cost up to a reasonable amount only after our approval of the cost.
  4. Normally we keep stock of small items like hardware and can ship in a week if needed. Some small replacement parts if needed are made in India and shipped directly by courier, it may take 2-3 weeks depending on the part.
  5. Replacement of big parts, the customer may need to wait till our next shipment arrives. This may take 2 to 6 months depending on the arrival of our next shipment. If a customer is not ready to wait, we can arrange to ship it individually directly from India, however, the customer has to pay all shipping costs.
  6. If any part/item is needed to be shipped from India, there may be delays due to some events, festivals, natural causes, or other unavoidable circumstances. There will be no reimbursement for such delays.
  7. Any damage that needs to be repaired by the customer either by himself or by hiring a person, we reimburse the cost of repair up to a reasonable cost. If the customer doesn’t agree/wants a replacement, we may consider it depending on the part and the type of damage. However, there can be additional charges along with shipping costs (both ways) and customs charges if involved.
  8. For custom orders, once the order is confirmed and the advance is paid, the amount is not refundable and the order can’t be canceled. However, we can try to help customers to find another option if possible.
  9. For custom order items, it may take 3 – 6 months for delivery depending on when the next shipment comes. Normally, all our shipments arrive on time as per schedule; however, there could be a delay due to natural causes, delays by the carriers, customs, or some issues at our manufacturing facility. There is no refund/reimbursement for such delays neither the orders can be canceled.
  10. For local door deliveries within North America, we use carriers like FedEx/UPS/XPO. There could be delays in the delivery by these carriers for any reason at their end.
  11. Very rarely, there are chances of missing part/box when delivered by the carrier. It is our responsibility to resolve this issue. Most of the time they are delivered the next day or a day after. However, if the box is lost, we must wait for at least 10 days till the carrier checks at all terminals to find it. If they are unable to find and is declared as a lost package, we will provide the replacement of that part either from our regular stock OR need to arrange from India. This may take a few weeks if arranged from India. In such circumstances, even though we are responsible to contact the carrier and follow up, the customer should also follow up from their end to expedite the search.

Below are some common issues with handcrafted items. These can be resolved very easily and has to be done by the customer. We provide full assistance to our customers.

  • Scratches, paint chip off (especially in Sankheda products), wood chip off, dents and hairline cracks are common in any handcrafted items. These are not considered as damage. In fact, they don’t affect the strength & functionality of the product. These issues can easily be resolved by paint touch-ups and if needed by filling the cracks with wood filler. Paint touch up is mostly done by permanent markers available in most colors at any art shops like Michael. Wood fillers & brown stains are available at shops like Home Depot & Walmart. These are not costly, but we are ready to cover the charges.
  • Hairline cracks & gaps are common in any natural solid wood furniture even those made locally. Even when the wood is properly treated and dried, there are always chances of moisture remaining inside. This moisture tries to come out as it dries which creates the cracks. These cracks/gaps don’t affect the strength/functionality of the item, but still could affect the look especially if it is on the front. In such scenarios, wood fillers with glue are to be used to fill up the gap then touched up with paint or stain. We are ready to reimburse the cost of these materials.
  • Sometimes, there can be issues of balancing mainly in the swings. These can happen either due to an uneven floor or legs. In most of this case, this issue gets resolved automatically on its own after using it for a couple of days. Sometimes putting a felt pad under the legs is useful if there is much variation.
  • Despite each item being fully assembled and tested before being packed, there is a very low probability of a hole/groove misalignment issue. In most cases, a manual adjustment resolves the issue. If there is a big variation in the alignment and a handy person is needed, we are ready to reimburse the charges.
  • The fabric design pattern keeps changing in the market. Hence there is a possibility that the actual fabric is different than shown in the product picture. Mostly the picture of the new fabric is shown with the item with a note. However, we are trying our best to maintain the shade of the fabric. Customers should contact us if any doubt about the fabric.