More than a business, Art Asia Imports is a mission to bring the art and traditions of India to North America. We are a family of artists, manufacturers, and promoters, working together to create beautifully crafted wooden furniture, swings, and decorative items to share with you. Our goals:

  • To help talented, hard-working artists to develop and promote their art in the world
  • To serve the people in North America by bringing rich culture and tradition into their homes

Today, Art Asia Imports has been able to grow and achieve the goal I had dreamed in 2005. I am proud to say that we have been successful in our mission as the popularity of these products has increased over the years. A sincere thanks to all our customers for showing trust in our products and giving us support.

Naren Acharya

Our Manufacturing Team Says

I am member of the Art Asia family from Jodhpur Rajasthan, working with Art Asia Imports since [2008]. My team has worked very hard to develop new products. Their life standard has improved a lot as we never compromise with the salary or the item quality. They work very hard and feel proud to see their products are exported in US, Canada and many other countries. Most manufacturers use different varieties of wood but we mostly make items from Teak wood. We will keep working hard to develop more products and provide the best quality so the customer is fully satisfied.

Sankheda Furniture

Sankheda furniture is world-renowned for its classic, colorful, lacquered furniture. These furniture are made in very traditional way and has maintained it’s identity since last 2-3 generations. Sankheda furniture are made from solid TEAK wood, seasoned & treated for long life. The artwork is done by hand on the furniture which gives it an elegant look. The beauty of this furniture is its availability in 8-10 different colors, giving a wide choice to clients to match with the background colors in their home. Beyond the home, Sankheda furniture can be seen at many special occasions such as at weddings and other celebrations.

Carving Furniture and Swings

Rajasthan, known as “The Land of Kings,” is world-renowned for its colorful traditions, culture, art, and handicrafts. Reflecting its colorful culture, its ethnic furniture comprises of Indian wood carvings, carved furniture, antique furniture and many carved decorative items, all worked by hand. Our carving products includes furniture, swings, dining set and decoratives.

Art Asia has proudly worked with our team of highly talented artists to develop specialized carving furniture, swings (jhula) and other decorative items for export to North America.

Our Collection

Sankheda Furniture

Carving Furniture

Swings (Indoor & Outdoor)

Gold green Dining set with chair

Dining Sets

2 pcs wedding chair

Wedding Sets

Decorative Items

Brass links flower

Chains & Hooks

royal deewan bed with two side drawer